Listen up |

Listen up |

“Stories are important; they help people feel connected, not alone in their trials and triumphs. Knowing this we must beware as families become busy and disconnected and our sharing stories becomes abbreviated by our texting world.

A number of years ago I attended a storytelling conference where well-known southern storyteller Kathryn Windham was the keynote speaker. She told a story about telling stories. She was telling stories at a men’s prison. Guards were placed in strategic places and she stood in front of a room full of men who required separation from the rest of society. She was nervous but told her story in her southern style. When she finished the men stood and rushed her. The guards were unable to react as she was surrounded, this petite, elderly woman surrounded by a room full of prison inmates. One lifted her from the ground in a hug, others hugged her too. Over and over they hugged her. One inmate, tears streaming from his eyes said, “No one ever told me a story before.”


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